Search Youtube like pro using youtube search query
Search Youtube like pro

After Google, YouTube is second largest search engine over the internet. Since, Users give their more attention to the visual and interactive learning technique these days. It seems that YouTube popularity will jump more high in the near future. So, It is best to prepare early so as to get more and more familiar with this advance weapon. Therefore, Today, In this guide we are discussing about advanced search operators that we can use with YouTube keywords to search YouTube like Pro.

Search YouTube Like a Pro using search Query

Well there are some search query using the same you can refine your YouTube Searches and to access the desired result more faster. Below, I has explained some of these search queries in detail.

How to find any official Youtube Channel like a Pro?

Suppose we want to find out the youtube channel of Techchahiye. Then the YouTube search query for this is simply “Techchahiye, channel”. By searching like this you will not only get the channel but if there are some videos named by the keyword techchahiye it will not given the higher priority and the channel would appear first in the list.

How to Watch the current Live videos on Youtube?

Suppose, we want to see some live videos related to news reporting then we simply search it like this on the youtube search bar:

News Reporting, live

You could even search for live Gaming, live concert etc similiarly.

How to find out a recently published video on Youtube for a specific topic?

Suppose, We want to search for recently published videos related to iPhone X. Then, the Youtube search query for this is:

iPhone X, soon

This will give us all the recent videos (which is uploaded within a week) about the topic iPhone X. Beside the term “soon” we could also use “today” or “this month” to limit our search for the videos that is uploaded today or the current month.

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How to find out movies on YouTube | Search YouTube Like Pro

Let say, we want to search movies of some actor say Jackie Chan. Then, the YouTube search query for this is:

jackie chan, movie

This will give us the full-length movies of the respective actor on YouTube if available.

How to find only the 4K or HD videos on YouTube?

Suppose we want to find out HD or 4K videos for some topic say OnePlus 5T. Then, the YouTube Search query is like this:

OnePlus 5T, hd or OnePlus 5T, 4K

When we put the keyword hd to all of our search query then, YouTube is only going to show High-definition video clips that will either 720p (1280×720) or 1080p (1920×1080 pixels). On the other hand adding 4K to limit our search to 4K content only.

How to find out 3D video clips on YouTube?

Suppose we want to find out 3D video clips which belongs to a movie say Avatar. Then, the YouTube search query for this is:

avatar, 3d

How to find out video playlists?

Suppose, we want to find out video playlist for a music band say Linkin Park. Then, the search query for it is like this:

Linkin Park, playlist

Playlists are a great option if we want to watch or listen multiple related videos in a go. If we even like the Playlist we can also copy that YouTube playlists to our own YouTube account.

How to find out long or short videos?

Suppose we want to find out the long or short videos that belong to say Tom & Jerry Cartoon Series. Then, the YouTube search query for this is something like that:

tom and jerry cartoons, long

tom and jerry cartoons, short

When we apply the long keyword to our search query YouTube will return videos that are at least 20 minutes in length. Whereas when we apply short we limit our search to the videos which is of 4 minutes in length or even lesser.

How do we get exact-match searches?

Suppose we want to find out a exact video on the topic iPhone X price. Then, the YouTube search query for it is like this:

allintitle:”iPhone X Price”

By allintitle search operator we search for the title that exactly matches with iPhone X Price. This type of query is also very useful when the original video is restricted to view in our country due to geographic restrictions.

How do we mix our search query to refine the search result?

Suppose we want to find out Ted Talks videos of this month in HD quality and whose duration is greater than or equal to 20 minutes. Then, the YouTube search query for this is:

ted talks, hd, this month, long

In YouTube search you can apply multiple search operators like comma, Boolean Operators etc. to beautifully refine your search result.

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