How to earn money through Instagram
How to earn money through Instagram

How to Earn Money through Instagram? All you need to know about.

Earn Money through Instagram: Undoubtedly, Instagram is not a new name for almost every one of us. But still many of us are unaware of Instagram. For them only, Instagram is a social networking website for sharing pictures and videos. And it is enormously famous.

Many of you will be active on social media, most of them will be on Instagram, but very few people will know that you can earn money with Instagram. So today In this article we will tell you about how to earn money through Instagram or how to make money on Instagram.

How to Make money on Instagram || Earn Money From Instagram

First of all, we tell you that you must have good followers to earn money from Instagram. Let me tell you one more thing There are two ways to earn money from Instagram. Creating the first Sponsor Post and Second Affiliate Program. So let’s first know about the Sponsor post.

If you have more than 5,000 followers on Instagram, then you can earn money by post sponsor. For this, you have to share a brand or video of a brand.

If you want to earn money by becoming a brand sponsor, go to and create your account. After this, you can request the brand which you want to sponsor. Learn how to program affiliate in the next slide.

Besides brand sponsor, you can earn money from affiliate program too. Companies like Flipkart, Amazon offer affiliate programs. For this, first, go to their site and register for the affiliate program.

Now you have to share affiliate links with photos and videos of the product on your account. After that, you will get the commission from the profits generated by the company through that link.

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