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Instagram Photo editor !! Introduction

Instagram Photo editor: Markedly, we can use Instagram as a photo editor. Today in this article we will tell you about one of the most loaded photo editing tools right in your pocket at length. No Doubt, we are talking about Instagram. Shortly, With some tweaks, you can use Instagram as a photo editor to edit your photos and of course you can post it anywhere you like it. Since we all know Instagram has some seriously cool filters and editing tools, then why can we install some other photo editing app or software to edit our photo and reserve our phone or PC memory, if we already have Instagram installed in our library.

Instagram Photo editor | How to use it as a photo editing tool?

You just have to follow our steps given below to use Instagram as a photo editing tool:

Step1: First, you have to go to your Instagram profile and Click on the three vertical dots present on the top right corner of your profile.

Instagram as Photo editor 1

Step2: Now, by scrolling below you get an option of “Save Original Photos”. Make sure you enable this option. It is already enabled by default when you install the Instagram.

Instagram as Photo editor 2

Step3: Now, you have to Turn off your Phone internet data.

Step4: Now, you can upload whatever photo you want to edit by clicking on the plus icon.

Instagram as Photo editor 3

Step5: After you can apply filters or edit your photo you have to post it.

Instagram as Photo editor 4

Step6: Now, since the phone internet data is turned off the photo won’t be posted, don’t worry.

Step7: At this instant, it shows something like this: Photo won’t be posted.

Instagram as Photo editor 5

Step8: Next, by clicking on the three vertical dots beside the photo, you get an option of Discard Post. Click on that.

Instagram as Photo editor 6

Step9: Now, when you open your phone Gallery you see your edited photo there.

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