Reliance Jio now has a subscriber base of 370 million

It would not be wrong to say that Reliance Jio has brought an internet revolution in India.

First bringing the 4G network in 2015 and then 7 years after in 2022 rolled out the 5G network.

Internet consumers in India now have high speed internet connectivity because Jio sets a standard.

Now, setting a new standard, this 77th Independence Day, Jio launched one more initiative to enhance its 5G network speed in the country.

Jio has acquired 26GHz mmWave Spectrum (which was given as trial back in 2021) that enables it to provide ultra high speed internet connectivity of speed upto 2Gbps to its consumers.

The respective spectrum will not just provide high speed internet connectivity but also gives high bandwidth and low latency.

With this spectrum, Jio will scale its network to not just millions but billions of users.

Starting yesterday, Jio is rolling out this 5G spectrum in all its 22 circles which means users are soon going to enjoy much faster internet on their devices.

Most of you might be thinking, who is going to benefit with this technology. Well, the current and all the future Jio users.

While Jio has acquired 26GHz mmWave Spectrum now, Airtel already had acquired the same spectrum a few weeks back.

Now, both the giant telecom companies in India are going to be on the current fastest 26GHz mmWave spectrum that results in the increase of average internet speed in the county.

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