Best Ethical Hacking Institute in India 2021
Best Ethical Hacking Institute in India 2021

In this article, We are going to present you a list of Top 5 Best Ethical Hacking Institute in India 2022. As we know the digital crime rate in India is increasing day by day. So, the Popularity of Ethical Hacking Courses is also at its peak. And of course why not? India is a big country and the most important thing is its digitalization is picking up. Because of the increasing digitalization, the criminals in this field is also increasing.

Almost every day in our newspaper we read some articles about fraud which related to Technology. Whether we talk about ATMs or we talk about Internet Banking. In every category, hackers find some loophole in it and breach the security measurement.

So, India definitely needs a good team of Ethical Hackers. Moreover, to create such individuals, some best institutes are necessary. Therefore, We are going to give you some Ethical Hacking Training Institutes where one can train themselves to defend those criminals.

Note: We are providing this list by analysing there site as well as the courses provided by them. We recommend you visit there site by yourself to know in detail. Thanks 🙂

List of Top 5 Best Ethical Hacking Institute in India 2022

1. Extreme Hacking Institute

The Institue is located in Maharastra Pune. They are providing two sets of courses. Moreover, UGC approves the first set of courses whereas the 2nd set is private.

The Courses which are approved by the UGC are:

  1. Diploma in Cyber Security (
  2. Advance Diploma in Cyber Security (
  3. Post Graduate Diploma in Cyber Security (

Moreover, Their private course includes Specialized Penetration Testing Courses. You can find out more about it here.

2. Indian Cyber Security Solutions

This institute is located in Kolkata, West Bengal. Their Courses includes CEH V9, Advance Python for Penetration Testers, Reverse Engineering and Malware Analysis etc. Moreover, Let me tell you it is an ISO Certified Company. They are also giving Diploma Courses in Network Security and Web Application Security.

To Know more about them visit their site.

3. infySEC – Cyber Security Services and Ethical Hacking Training Experts

This Institute is Located in Chennai. At the time of writing this article, they are providing three courses in the Ethical hacking field.

These courses are as follows:

  1. Advance Web Application Penetration Testing
  2. Network Packet Analysis
  3. Certified Ethical Cracker

To Know more about there courses and Fee details you can visit there site.

4. Indian School of Ethical Hacking

This institute is also located in Kolkata, West Bengal. With a variety of courses which includes CEH V9, Network Penetration Testing, Web Application Penetration Testing as well as Android Application Penetration Testing. In spite all of these they include more variety of courses. To know more about it refer to there site which is given below.

5. Inspire Cyber Security

Located in Gujrat, this institute also provides various Cybersecurity courses. Refer to their site which is given below to know more about courses.

If you also know some of the Best Ethical Hacking Institute in India, then do suggest us in the comment section below. Additionally, the links which we give you above is working at the time of writing this article. If you find any of the links are not working then, also tell about it in the comment section below.

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  1. Hello Sanjay, I appreciate your article here. I’m an accountant from Nigeria who has been a cyber security enthusiast for a long time. I do not have an information technology background as per my specialization, however, I am a super learner. I am fancying my chances of coming to India to study a handful of cyber security courses and for this reason I need your candid advise on where best to obtain my training. Many thanks.

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