Facebook Text Delight Animation List
Facebook Text Delight Animation List

Here we are going to talk about Facebook Text Delight Animation List. Once in your lifetime you must encounter an animation floating all over your Facebook Screen. These Animations looks sometime like I have shown in this post featured image. Well, these are called Text Delights and is one of the coolest interactive feature Facebook have.

There are a lot of text delights present on but the hard thing is you won’t find a list of all these at a single Place. But don’t worry, Here in this article I intact all these Facebook Text Delights in a list. So, those you who wants to make their Facebook present more cooler can go through to check out this list.

Note: To make this article more general, I only mention English Text Delights. Also note that for some users these text delights will work and for some it not. Moreover, Some of the text delights works in only post section or comment section or in both.

Facebook Text Delight Animation List

  • Congratulations
  • Congrats
  • xoxo
  • Bff
  • Best Wishes
  • You Got This
  • Lovely Time
  • Wonderful Time
  • You’re the Best
  • Gooaal

Well these are all the working English text delights animations on the Facebook right now. If you find more, you can let us know in the comment section below.

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