List of Best 3D Animation Software for PC
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In this Article, we present you the list of best 3d animation software for PC in the industry right now. We prepare this list based on the features given the application. These list of software are free, trial as well as paid also. Even a beginner can also use this software with the ease.

By the time we think about animation, it seems that it will be difficult to make it. But do you know we can easily create an animation on our notebook too? Yes, we just need a pen and a notebook and we can prepare our own animation. When we prepare an animation on the notebook, it is called flipbook animation. Here, we make a photo on every page of the copy which is slightly changed from the previous photo. And when we try to see all these photos together in a short time, we feel that there is only one shape and it is moving.

Actually, an animation is nothing but an illusion, which is made when we try to see organized photos that look alike together in a short time. Now, at this point in time, we understand what an animation is. Now let us tell you how easily you can make it on your own computer or laptop. Yes, we are now going to tell you about some of the animation software that you can buy or download freely and can create your own digital animation.

So let’s start with no time to sing. Although there are many abstract animation software on the market. In our article, we will tell you about the animation software which is the best. Do not panic, we will also give you the download link of Animation Software from which you will be able to download them easily.

List of Best 3D Animation Software for PC


In the list of best 3d animation software for PC, we are putting in our list first is Maya. Maya is a 3D graphics software which is made by popular graphics company called Autodesk. With this software, we can make any 3D applications like games, animated movies, and visual effects. Some of the Best features that are assembling in the Maya software from the year 2017 is as follows:

Arnold integration: With Arnold integration, we better render the frames in Maya.

Arnold integration | list of best 3D animation software for PC
Arnold integration | list of Best 3D animation software for PC

The new Motion Graphics Palette will make Maya a better modeling machine. With the new time editor, we can create effects like crouch and walk in one move. Some other best features are Graph editor, Render Setup, Bitfrost Improvements, Quick Rig, Autodesk’s attitude etc.

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Adobe After Effects

If you are a fond lover of motion graphics then you can also try Adobe After Effects. With Adobe After Effects, we can create figures that are in motion which we frequently call as Motion Graphics. With After Effects, we can also create Intros, Outros for Videos.

After Effects | list of Best 3D Animation Software for PC

Even we can edit videos to some extent. Motion Graphics designers more frequently use After Effects. With the latest Adobe After Effects, you can even add VR effects to the 360° videos. With the help of new performance enhancements, You could even Motion blur on the GPU and Render layer transform.

LightWave 3D

LightWave is also one of the best 3D Animation Software Package. It has a fast rendering engine and also supports advanced features like Forwarding and Reverse Kinematics during Character animation. It has some of the great features like Hypervoxels that renders different particle animation effects.

LightWave 3D One of the best rendering and 3D animation software for PC

Also, includes refraction and reflection surface settings for things like water or mercury. Some of the movies that use Lightwave 3D in the past are Jurassic Park 3, Titanic, Pans Labyrinth, Avatar, 300, Iron Man and much more.

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Blender is an Open Source 3D Graphics software popularly used for creating animated movies, visual effects, Art and Video Games etc. 

In it, you can 3D model your characters, apply textures on them, create the fluid and smoke simulation, apply to skin to your characters and lot more. Moreover, it has an integrated Game engine dedicated to it which make it a better game creation application. Some more features that Blender includes are Modifiers which is used to apply non-destructive effects, A Particle-based system to simulate particle based hair. Blender also integrates with external render engines with the help of some plugins. It is also sometimes used for video editing. You can use it on all your machines like windows, Linux and iOS. Below we provide you the link to install this software on your PC or Laptop.

Download: Blender v2.79 This link is for windows users. Linux or iOS users can find the link here Blender.

Houdini Software

When we are talking about 3D animating and we don’t call the name of Houdini, not possible. Houdini is also a popular application in the animation industry for creating visual effects, 3D animation and Rendering.

It can perform all the major animating tasks that an animation software have to perform. With it, we can easily model all the geometric figures including Polygon, Curves, meatballs etc. It includes motion capture support. Want to know about dynamics, it supports Rigid as well as fluid dynamics. Also, supports external rendering engine like Arnold, Renderman, Octance etc. We can see its work on famous movies like Frozen, Zootopia, The Frozen Sky, Rio and lot more.

You can free download this software from Houdini Software

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