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Google Drive Search: Intro

Google Drive Search like Pro using Google Drive Search Commands: You have numerous files in your Google Drive. It also may take some time to find that unique file you’ve been looking for. Just for example, how will you quickly find the sales presentation that Ajay shared with you last week? Or find out how to locate a specific resume among the huge selection of other PDF files as part of your Google Drive folders?

Like Gmail and Twitter, Google Drive also supports an array of advanced search operators that will quickly help you find out precise file you’ve been looking for. You could use search operators inside the Google Drive and additionally the Drive mobile apps. Chrome users can type in the address bar, press tab and enter the first page of the search engines query.

How Google Drive Search Works?

Google Drive, by operation of law, will return files in situations where search query matches the file’s title, your content or even the file’s description. It may possibly also identify objects inside photos so a search for “birthday” may retrieve images of cakes as part of your Drive.

Drive will additionally do a OCR to search out for text inside images and scanned PDFs.

How to located files inside Google Drive

You should use search operators to filter your search results in Google Drive. You can use multiple search operators using the boolean operators like OR (in capitals) to further narrow your results and find the specific file or document you’ve been looking for.

Google Drive Search Commands: Google Drive Search like Pro!

Google Drive Search Commands
Coding Inside an IDE

You can use the following Google Drive Search Commands given below to improve the search procedure inside google drive.

Find Google spreadsheets shared with your colleague say Ajay

type:spreadsheet from:Ajay

Find Photos or Images containing photos of cakes

type:image owner:me cakes

Find files in trash which are modified as of this day is the famous

trashed after:11-10-2017

Find PDF files which you create

type:pdf -owner:me

Find files that are generally shared with me and added to my Google Drive

myFiles -owner:me

Find all folders inside Google Drive which you create

type:folder -owner:me

Find presentations that I’ve shared with my HR

type:presentation to:[email protected]

Tip: Also you can be utilize Google Drive Auditor add-on to create actions collection users who can have access to Google Drive files.

Find all files that I’ve recently viewed or added in Google Drive
Click “Recent” in the sidebar or follow link


BONUS TIP: How to find out the largest file in Google Drive?

Gmail offers larger_than and smaller_than search operator to seek most of the space-hogging emails in your account. Meanwhile, The Drive doesn’t offer any search by size operator. However, you can utilize this special link – – to sort files by size as well as having the ones using the most space would be listed above the fold.

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