Top 5 Google Map Features

Top 5 Google Map Features | Introduction

Top 5 Google Map Features: At present, Smartphones has become an important part of our lives. Many things can be easily done by this. One of these things is to find a way. Nearly all smartphones come with a pre-installed application called Google Maps. Well, you already know about Google Maps but in this post, we will tell you about some features that you might want to try.

So, Without wasting any time let’s Look at what are all those Top 5 google map features:

Easy to zoom

If you’re going somewhere using Google Maps, then obviously you can not use both hands to operate it. If you want to zoom the map, you just have to double tap on the map with the map zoomed and you can adjust it too.

Create Personal Map

You can also create your own map on Google Map, you can go to the menu and click on the place. Then click Map and then to create a map. From here you can customize the map. Your friends can also share

Stops in Travel

You can also take a break during the trip, which means that you can use multiple stop features on Google Maps. Enter the starting point and destination in it. Three dots will be given equally to the starting point, which will give you a stop option. However, this feature is only provided in iOS.


If you’ve liked some place you can also rate it. You can also add a description. If you want to do that you will have to go to the menu and there you will get an option.

Share your location

In Google maps you can share your current location with anyone, not only this, you will also know the location of your friends.

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