Twitter Subscribe to Conversation Feature

Officials finally confirms they are testing Twitter Subscribe to Conversation Feature. As the name indicates, the feature will let you subscribe to a conversation or thread whether or not you are following the respective account. We came to know about this feature first when social media tester Jane Wong post a tweet about this.

As you can see in the image of the tweet there is a Bell icon along with a plus symbol present at the top right corner of the tweet. Seems like this bell icon will pop up when you tap on a tweet to bring it in its full view. Moreover, tapping on this bell icon will give you instant notification of all the conversations happening on that particular tweet. We don’t know the exact mechanism yet. However, I’m sure that this feature will make our Twitter Notification box full all the time.

Right now, On Twitter we get notifications about a thread only if we like or reply on the Tweet. However, with this feature we even have not to do these two things to get the notifications.

Although the feature was first revealed by an unofficial Twitter Personnel ( i.e. Jane) but now an official Twitter Handle has also confirmed they are testing this feature right now.

Subscribing to the conversations of a tweet is an unique feature. Anyways Twitter always looks forward to bring unique feature and will try to make the platform more interactive.

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