Internet Archive Starts Backing Up Google Plus Data
Internet Archive Starts Backing Up Google Plus Data

Internet Archive Starts Backing Up Google Plus Data as one can not access Google Plus data after April 2, 2019. We know Internet Archive as a site for Archiving Web contents. You can think of Internet Archive as a museum for Websites, Portals and Web contents. Now, as we know, Google+ will die after April 2 this year and we’ll not able to access its data. Well many of us seems to be worry about it. In that case let me tell you that Internet Archive has now take responsibility of backing up Google Plus data to some extent.

The archive is able to backup only those data that are public and not been able to backup those that are either private or deleted. Talking about the comment on a particular post, the archive will able to backup only 500 of them. Moreover, the archive will not backing up the Images and Videos present on Google Plus in High Quality. This info. first came out with a reddit post, that explains Internet Archive has starts archiving the data of Google+.

The Reddit Post also explains, It costs Internet Archive $2000 for storing up 1 TeraByte of data. They are even open for donations to contribute for this massive project. One can donate for the same via this link.

Now, If you want to save a Google Plus URL to Internet Archive, you could do so by accessing a link in the format given below.<URL>

Here, URL is your Google Plus Account Profile URL. Say I want to backup my Google Plus Profile into Internet Archive. Then, all I have to do is access this link and I am done.

The link portion in bold is my Google Plus Profile public access URL.

Not Just Google Plus, In Internet Archive, you can save any Public URL by accessing the URL format in the same way I explain above.

How to Download Google+ Data Right now in your Computer?

Before, 31st March 2019, Google+ gives you the option to save or backup your Google Plus Data right in your computer.

You can do so by first go to this link.

Now, Select the data you want to include in your backup. This data contains your Google Plus circles, Communities, comments and more.

Once done, click on the next button. Here, now you have to choose the archive format means in which format you would like to save your Google+ Archive data, for example, .zip, .tgz.

Google also gives you the option to save your Google Plus archive data directly to some of the cloud services. These cloud services are Google Drive, Dropbox, One Drive, Box. Moreover, you could also chunk into pieces your archive .zip file. Google gives you the option to choose the size of these pieces. The sizes are 1GB, 2GB, 4GB, 10GB, 50GB.

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