Services Google will Discontinue in Coming Weeks
Services Google will Discontinue in Coming Weeks

There are several services Google will discontinue in coming weeks and we are going to talk about the same in this article. Spring is here are so is the time of cleaning. Therefore, Google decided to kill off some of its services which are not that much popular among its user. These services are Google Allo, Inbox, Google Plus, Google URL Shortener service (

Okay now we know the name of all the services which Google shut down in coming weeks, let’s lighten up why Google Shutting them down.

Services Google will Discontinue in Coming Weeks

Google Allo

Google Allo is going to shut down on March 12, 2019. Note that Google Allo is an Instant Messaging App which was introduced by Google Back in September 21, 2016. According to Google, the Main reason of shutting down the app is because its core feature is now transferred to Google Messages App that supports RCS messaging. RCS messaging in turn experts believe is the future of messaging and will replace SMS in future. RCS stands for Rich Communication Service.

Google URL Shortener Service (

Google going to shut down its URL Shortener service from March 30, 2019. The main reason of shutting down this service is because Google is shifting towards, Firebase Dynamic Links. Back in March last year, Google first announce that they are going to discontinue this service next year.

Google Plus

The next popular Google Application which is going to discontinue is Google Plus. You won’t able to use Google Plus after April 2, 2019. Launched back in June 28, 2011, the main reason of shutting down this social network application is a data break which happens back in March last year. This Data breach claims to share personal and private information of around 5 Lakh users. This is not the big news, the big news is for around a month Google will not aware their users about this breach. That makes the platform more vulnerable to users.


Google Inbox is one such application whose features are also going to fetch into the Gmail. Well that’s the reason Google Shutting down Inbox at the end of March 2019. Not all Inbox features are transferred to Gmail but surely will find some popular ones like Snoozing Emails, Smart Replies, Follow Ups. Recently some sources says Gmail will also get Inbox Bundling mail feature and Reminder.


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