Google is Going to Shut Down Inbox App in March 2019

Google is Going to Shut Down Inbox App in March 2019. Four years ago, back in 2014, Google launched Inbox Service. Google’s team launched this service as a focused email service. This means that here users were able to use only exclusive email features in this service.

Google is Going to Shut Down Inbox App in March 2019

Let us know that Google’s inbox service is not just for mobile apps but also available in the web version. Let me give you the info. that some of the best features of the inbox service are smart to compose, nudges, snooze emails etc. However, these features have now settled in Gmail itself. Primarily due to these reasons, Google is going to shut down its inbox service. The same reason is also revealed by Google’s product manager Matthew Izzat in a blog post.

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However, he also said that the Google team will now focus only on an email service. He said they will now focus only on Gmail. However, if you like to use Inbox app and don’t know how to navigate to Gmail, don’t worry. All your conversations and mail are also present in Gmail. As Inbox is just an extension of Gmail. So, you won’t find any difficulty finding your convo and messages of Inbox in Gmail. Just sign in to your Gmail account using the same email id and password.

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