Google Releases Chrome 69
Google Releases Chrome 69

Today Google releases Chrome 69, a more material design focused browser. All the platform got this new version. It is currently rolling out for all the available platform, hence, you might face some delay. But don’t worry it will available for you in a week or something.

So, let’s talk about what are some of the great things you will see in Chrome 69. Google makes the first initial release of Chrome back on September 2, 2008. So, It’s been 10 years now, therefore to honor Chrome’s 10th birthday, Google announces several new enhancements in Chrome. Moreover, they upgrade it to a new version called Chrome 69.

Google Releases Chrome 69 with several Enhancements

According to Google officials, Chrome 69 improves our web surfing better by making it faster. Even we also find a new password manager and a better Omnibox that suggest us more info.

Besides upgrading the feature that is already present in the browser, officials also add a new feature. This feature will block the mining script that is running black in the browser.

Now, with Chrome 69 we see futuristic rounded corner tab at all places in the browser. From address bar to tabs and menu buttons all of the corners are now rounded. Besides these, the popular SSL secure label is now gone with Chrome 69.

Talking about the New Tab you can now customize it. For example, the new tab is now not dependent on your most viewed browsing session. Instead of it, you can now add your favorite sites. More or less like bookmarking but limited to 8 cards only.

Now, when you create an account online or sign up for a site, Chrome gives you strong brute force protected password suggestions. This newly advanced password manager synchronizes all your passwords with your Google Account. Therefore, it will come handy to you when you log in and using your Google account from some other device.

Google team has also enhanced the capability of Chrome Omnibox i.e. search bar. Omnibox now gives you more results directly within the search bar while you are typing your query in it.

That’s it above are all the popular enhancement that Google officials have made in Chrome 69.

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