Google Launches Virtual Lab for STEM Students
Google Launches Virtual Lab for STEM Students

Recently, Google Launches Virtual Lab for STEM Students. VR Lab gives you the practical exposure of Lab Things without Time Limitation. Mostly Biology students get to benefit from it. We all know that lack of Practical experience in the field of science is not worthy especially for biology students. However, in colleges and universities, time to experience the practical thing are limited. Due to this issue, most STEM students have the deficiency of Practical Knowlege.

Therefore, Solving this issue at a deep level, Google Partners with a science education company called Labster. This company creates VR projects for Daydream. Moreover, all these projects focus, especially on the STEM Projects.

For example, Here a biology student can easily test a microorganism under a microscope. Moreover, Google officials posts that one can easily learn how to sequence DNA here. Talking about this experience in their classroom they get a limited time to access these resources. However, Now with Daydream devices, they can access these resources every time they want.

Officials say that right now there are a total of 30 VR projects available. Moreover, they can absolutely post more projects in the database in future.

Those of you who want to test VR Lab experience right now can visit this link. Here you also get more information about this great VR service from Google.

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