What is express wifi
What is express wifi?

In this article, we explain to you what is express wifi and where this service is available? Express Wifi is another service by Facebook via which it provides the free Wifi in 5 countries. These countries include India, Kenya, Indonesia, Tanzania, and Nigeria.

What is Express Wifi?

Express Wifi is the part of internet.org project of Facebook which most Indian users already denied. In India, there are a total of 700 hotspots assembled under Express Wifi service. You can find these hotspots in those areas where Internet scarcity is still present. Express Wifi Service launched in Indian in May 4, 2017. Facebook Partners with Indian Telecom Company Bharti Airtel to bring this service for Indian users.

Facebook officials bring this service to give Internet facility to almost 3.8 million users who still don’t connect to the Internet.

Note that as the Express Wifi is the part of Internet.org service, it will bring only those sites that are available in Internet.org.

Right now, Facebook is open for all publishers to submit their site on Internet.org. Under Internet.org there are various sites available ranging from new sites to health and Job sites.

Those of you don’t know Internet.org is a service by Facebook aims to deliver free internet to people at some point. According to Wikipedia Millions of users are already using the Internet.org.

How to access Express Wifi?

To access express wifi find you need to be in Express Wifi area. Express Wifi gives you 100MB of free data for 5 days.

  1. First, you need to install Express Wifi App on your phone.
  2. Then, you have to enter your Mobile Number.
  3. After you enter your mobile number, a Wifi access pin sent to your number.
  4. As soon as you feed the number you get access to express wifi.
  5. This same app gives you all the access zones near you.

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