Facebook Brings Mentorship Inside Groups
Facebook Brings Mentorship Inside Groups | Image Credits: Facebook

Today, Facebook Brings Mentorship Inside Groups, a brand new feature for Facebook Group. Approximately 200 million users are on FB Groups. Facebook Officials shares this data. So, officials believe they should definitely give these people more features. Hence, they came up with the Mentorship idea to wrap inside facebook Group.

With the help of the mentorship feature, people will now be able to find mentors within the group. However, Still, Admins of the Group manages this feature.

Officials said that they are testing this feature since last year. Now, this feature has gone live. So now let us know how the mentorship feature will work inside the Facebook group.

Facebook Brings Mentorship Inside Groups: Read How it will Work?

Suppose Facebook Group is a school, where Admins are Receptionists, Mentors are teachers and students are the Mentees.

At first, admin creates a mentorship program in which Mentors (Teachers), as well as Mentee (Students) both, will apply.

Both of there application goes to admin. Here, admin pairs them together with the appropriate category. For example: Suppose one student wants a mentor for skill development and other for career advancement then, it is the responsibility of admin to pair the appropriate mentee with mentors.

About Privacy, the Facebook team says they also take care of it. When Mentors and Mentee pairs with each other, they can share and comment on their posts. Moreover, they can also chat via Messenger.

The Facebook team clearly specify that Mentorship program only available for people that are 18 years old and older.

The mentorship program is right now available only for Parenting, Professional and Personal Development groups.

Let see whether this mentorship program will evolve more in the future or not? What do you think about the Mentorship program inside facebook groups? Do let us know in the comment section below.

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