Google Chrome Supports Native Windows 10 Notification
Google Chrome Supports Native Windows 10 Notification

With Chrome 68, Now Google Chrome Supports Native Windows 10 Notification. After 10 years of its launch, Google Chrome has now become a vital part of every web surfer. Maybe that’s the reason why Chrome developers always try to configure the browser with the best needs. This time they configure the Notification which now comes in a native way to Windows 10 OS.

The notification system present in Windows 10 OS evolves with 2K18 but till now Chrome still lives the old era. However, With Chrome 68 developers move out to the next chapter. Now Chrome sends the notification via the Windows action center, cool, isn’t it? You just need an internet connection and you don’t even need to open your favorite browser. All those tiny little pings present right in front of your taskbar. Thurrott team exposes this new feature in one of its blog post. There they explain this new feature is in the testing phase in March this year. However, Chrome developers publicly roll it out recently.

With this new native notification feature, you get all the Chrome notifications (which also includes the website you subscribe to get notifications) in the Windows Action Center.

Here you can also choose the number of notifications to pop up in the Windows Action Center. Right now most of the Chrome 68 users got this feature in their packet. However, it is still rolling out and in coming weeks you receive notification in a native way.

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