Facebook Internally Starts Testing the Dating Feature
Facebook Internally Starts Testing the Dating Feature | Image Credits: Twitter @wongmjane

A twitter user reveals Facebook Internally Starts Testing the Dating Feature. She explains she can’t access the full service right now. She reveals that she can access the service after the signup screen as this service is currently evolving. Jane Manchun Wong also posts some screenshots of the signup screen. From these screenshots, it is now clear that soon common users will use this service.

On her Twitter handle Wong wrote that she was not able to go ahead of the signup screen because the service is not currently available for non-employees. It clearly means that Facebook has started testing this service internally.

However, In May 2018, Mark Zuckerberg had already made the announcement in the F8 developer conference about the Dating Service.

On the other hand, as we can see in the screenshots, Facebook has currently limited the service to US Facebook Employees only. Meanwhile, In the Prompt officials wrote a sarcastic line “The service is not meant for dating your Coworker“.

Let me explain how this testing currently works. First, Facebook developers collect the dummy data from their employees. Then, they use that data to check the end-to-end product experience.

Now, Do let us know in the comment section below, are you excited for this upcoming service? What is your opinion, whether this service brought by Facebook will be successful?

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