Google Brings Two New Features Inside Datally App
Google Brings Two New Features Inside Datally App | Image Credits: Google

Today, Google Brings Two new features inside Datally App. Datally App is the data monitoring and mobile data saving app by Google. The app brings your data usage reports on the hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Moreover, the app also gives you the functionality to save background data usage and also tracks it in real-time.

Till now, the features Datally gives are not that much unique. But Google Brings Two new features inside Datally App which stand it out of the queue. So, let’s take a look at these two features.

Google Brings Two New Features Inside Datally App: List

Below I list out the two new features google bring inside the Datally app.

1. Emergency Bank

The first feature Google announce inside the Datally app is the emergency bank. As the name signifies here bank refers to the location where you store your data. Moreover, Emergency signifies the data you stored, you can use it later. For example, your ISP gives you 1GB of daily data, then using Emergency Bank feature you can set to use only 700MB of data. As soon as you use 700MB of data, Datally blocks all the apps to use your mobile data. This feature will help you when you urgently need mobile data.

2. Bedtime mode

Suppose when you go to bed you check your data and it was 800MB and now when you wake up in the morning it is only 600MB. This happens because of the background data consumption by some of your apps. So, bedtime mode feature takes care that your data is not draining while you are not using it.

That’s all, these are the two features Google Launches in Datally App today. Go use these features and do let us know in the comment section whether you like it or not.

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