Google Assistant Now Read Daily Good News
Google Assistant Now Read Daily Good News

A recent update coming to Google assistant, according to which Google Assistant Now Read Daily Good News for You. As of now, this feature is available for US users only. However, when this feature rollover globally, it curates only good news happening around you and bring it to you.

This Good news contains most of the content that solves the problem in a real life and some exciting news too. You just have to say Hey Google Tell me something good. Then, Google news feed your mind with Good news around you.

Talking about this new feature, One Google spokesperson explains, bringing good news to people not only motivate them but also brings changes in the society. Those people who actually working on a root level to solve a problem also get exposure after this facility by Google.

These days most of us when opening a news site, most of their content is aggressive and volatile. Due to which most of us are not interested in reading the news. So, to overcome from this scenario and make our news live more healthy, this is one of the features I really appreciate.

Talking about this feature, note that this feature works in any phone having the facility of Google Assistant. So, Don’t worry you will expect it in your Google Home Smart Speaker.

Seems like radio life brings back by remixing the Internet and Lot of Contents on the web. However, this time it is a little expensive because here you put our money on net expenses too.

According to Google officials, Right now more than 5000 different categories of devices are compatible with Google Assistant. These devices include Camera, Lights, Security Systems etc.

Do post your opinion about this upcoming Google assistant feature in the comment section below.

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