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In this article, I am going to list out Best 5.1 speakers in India 2018. Speakers are that hardware that provides you the output audio. So, before buying a new speaker ask yourself for what purpose you buy it? For example, One can buy speakers for music production while other one buys it just for listening day to day music. Therefore, Categorising the speakers based on your usage bring you the best speakers.

However, here we make a list of the best 5.1 speakers in India from which you can select one for yourself. You can use these speakers for your day to day audio output tasks. In fact, we also list some speakers that you can use in pro music production too.

List of Best 5.1 Speakers in India 2018

In this list, we only include 5 speakers. The reason is we make this list as short and refined as possible. Why make a list so bulky? Moreover, all of these speakers are available on Flipkart. So, you can easily grab it from there.

1. F&D F3800X 80 W Bluetooth Home Audio Speaker

We sort out this speaker because it has excellent sound quality with bass. Okay, let give you all the features you get with this speaker. This speaker has wireless music streaming via Bluetooth. So, you can easily put this speaker near an electric switch and connect it via an AC Adapter. However, you don’t have to shift your laptop or computer there too. F&D F3800X also have plug and play USB card reader to play music via Pen Drive or something. The speakers give you the massive power output of 65W whereas the subwoofer gives the power output of 25W. Here you get the RMS Power Output of 80W.

Price: Rs 5,399 on Flipkart

2. F&D F700X 80 W Bluetooth Home Audio Speaker

The next one I recommend also belongs to F&D. Moreover, it is also a Bluetooth speaker. What brings our attention to this speaker is its various range of features. For example, In this speaker, the Remote control works from a distance of 10m. Moreover, the Bluetooth functionality works at a maximum distance of 15m. To give natural sound quality, the subwoofer is made of wood. Besides the functionalities present in it, what I like about this speaker is its design. The speakers are grilled with clothes that give a classy look. Here you also get the FM Storage up to 100 stations. It also has a USB Card reader in which the supported music file types are MP3 and WMA. Here, you get the RMS Power output of 80W too.

Price: Rs 4799 on Flipkart

3. Mitashi PMPO 5.1 Ch. HT 106 BT

This next speaker from Mitashi has the RMS power output of 95W. This speaker also works via Bluetooth. So you get a wireless music streaming experience here.  A memory card slot is also present to play music on the go. The power source of this speaker is AC. The auxiliary cable input is also present to easily connect your led tv with it. Speakers are capable of Wallmount.

Price: Rs 4,799 on Flipkart

4. F&D F5060X

Again an F&D speaker. Note that we mostly choose F&D because the features it gives in the price range is amazing. Moreover, you talk about the build quality then it is also awesome. Okay, the RMS Power output you get here is 135W. Bluetooth 4.0 gives it a rocket like music streaming. The feature that makes it a unique output machine is the multicolored LED lightening on the speakers for dope users. USB supporting files are MP3 and WMA. Because the price of the speaker rises with greater RMS Output, its price is quite high.

Price: Rs 10,699 on Flipkart

5. Philips SPA8000B

This speaker has the Power RMS Output of 125W. Moreover, it also works via Bluetooth. All the speakers and Woofers are wood finished so, you expect a natural sound quality here. Also has an LCD Display and playback via memory card slot.

Price: Rs 9,690 on Flipkart


With all the speakers we mention above also give you the Flipkart link. We are not promoting or sponsoring via Flipkart. We place the Flipkart link because its availability is more or less present in every corner of India. However, All of these speakers are available on Amazon too. Besides these may be some price of these speakers are quite high in comparison to your local nearest electronics corner. So, I suggest you compare both prices and then take the necessary actions. One more thing you can also buy some other 5.1 speakers from your local market too. Just compare features as well as the RMS Output. However, Please let us know in the comment section below which speaker you buy and why?

Hope you purchase the right product 🙂

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