Pro Gamers Defeat OpenAI Bots
Pro Gamers Defeat OpenAI Bots

International 2018 is quite exciting this time because this time Pro Gamers Defeat OpenAI Bots. Seems like bots need some strategy syrup. Sure Artificial Intelligence can defeat humans in logic based gaming and all that, but when it comes to real-time strategy making games like Dota 2 esports championship, they have to bow. We see this example in the International 2018. Here, A team of Pro Gamers marks the victory over AI bots.

Of course these AI are created by some Humans, moreover, by a non-profit research lab i.e. OpenAI. The interesting thing is Elon Musk is one of the founders of this non-profit lab. OpenAI creates AI bots and trains them to perform different tasks in which real-life activities are also present. However, it seems like OpenAI bots are somewhat weak in strategy making and real-time decision making.

The Pro Gamer team who beats OpenAI bots in Dota 2 named themselves as Pain Gaming and belongs to South America.

However, Looking at the Gameplay of AI Bots, you can’t say they don’t touch any strategy. Since they are bots of course in precision making humans can’t defeat them. For example in one to one matches gamers don’t perform well in front of bots. Moreover, Bots defeat almost every noob players.

Therefore, if you compare the number of bots with the number of pro gamers, it seems like bots are winning after all. So, both parties have to focus on different perspective like bots have to focus on strategic gaming whereas humans need more pro gamers.

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