PUBG 1.0 Fully Releases on Xbox One on September 4
PUBG 1.0 Fully Release on Xbox One on September 4 | Image Credits: Xbox

PUBG 1.0 Fully Releases on Xbox One on September 4, 2018. However, the game early access is available on Xbox one for months. According to Microsoft officials, PUBG Version 1.0 starts with Smaller map i.e Sanhok. Don’t worry you will find all the weapons inside Sanhok Map.

PUBG officials release the beta version of PUBG 1.0 back in December 2017 on Xbox One. Now, after 8 months of long awaiting gamers finally burn their hands on the stable release.

Special Edition Xbox one Controller

Special Edition Xbox One Controller
Special Edition Xbox One Controller | Image Credits: Xbox

Moreover, Microsoft makes this release more exciting by launching a special edition Xbox one controller. In the launcher, you will find a Golden D-Pad, Grips in the Trigger. However, this special edition Xbox One controller is an additional addon and cost you $69.99. Also, its shipping starts in October this year.

Talking about this controller in detail the in the left thumbstick you will find a blue ring. This blue ring gives it a neon look as well as it has technical significance, inside this blue ring is your playing area. You will also find a PUBG logo on the back side of this controller. One more special thing you will find in this wireless controller is Trigger Grip which relieves you during a long battle gameplay.

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