Tinder Launches Tinder U Exclusively for College Students
Tinder Launches Tinder U Exclusively for College Students | Image Credits: Tinder

Tinder Launches Tinder U Exclusively for College Students. Tinder U is a new service by which you can easily connect to other students on your campus. You will find profiles of other students on your swipe.

To sign up for this service note that you must have .edu email address and you are on a college campus. Tinder Geotagged all the campuses so don’t worry they will catch you if you try to be smart. All the features work similarly except here you get a badge on your profile page that signifies you belong to a college.

Why Tinder Brings out Tinder U?

Experts believe this new service will centralize all the college students at one place. However, most of them are already using this app like a pro. Right now we don’t know whether students can switch b/w Regular Tinder and Tinder U. Also, it is unclear that Tinder presents Tinder U as a special app or they will assemble it in the Tinder original app.

As on 23 May 2018, there are a total of 50 Million tinder users worldwide. However, extracting a specific category (i.e. college students) will open some other parameters for this popular dating app.

How Can You enroll yourself in Tinder U? As Tinder Explains

Log in to Tinder U requires two things, the first one is you must present on a college campus. The second one is you have a .edu email address.

Once you fulfill these two prerequisites and fill in your email address for registration, you get a confirmation mail. Clicking on the link inside that confirmation mail leads you to enroll in Tinder U.

If you want to know our opinion, then I think that Tinder U will assemble inside the Regular Tinder App. Do let us know your opinion in the comment section below.

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