Instagram Tests Recommended Posts in Feed

Instagram Tests Recommended Posts in Feed, a new Instagram feature. This feature works by bringing Random Instagram contents in your feed. Right now, this feature is in the testing phase. These Instagram contents contain photos and videos depends on your Instagram activity, like the account you follow, photos you like and all that.

Instagram officials have placed the recommended posts section at the end of your feed. You will get this section after you find the You’re all caught up message section.

Instagram Recommendations Feed
Instagram Recommendations Feed | Image Credits: Instagram

These extra content recommendations are totally random. Moreover, you can also follow the accounts that play under these recommendations of content. This will make the feed more interesting because it will bring out those photos and videos in which you are currently not following on Instagram. On the other side for creators if this new feature will live then brings out more post engagements. However, the photos are videos you see under Instagram recommendations are from a public account.

Right now, this feature is under testing and rolls out for few days for testing purpose. Moreover, officials make this feature live or not it depends on a considerable amount of feedback by Instagram users.

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