Gmail Android App Brings Undo Send Email Feature
Gmail Android App Brings Undo Send Email Feature

Now, Gmail Android App Brings Undo Send Email Feature. Gmail team are tweaking with Gmail features for a quite long time. Because of this they also provide some of the great features to Gmail users. Sending a Confidential email, Snooze, Nudging are some examples of them. Now, this time they again bring a useful feature which will undo send your email.

Undo sending an email in Gmail is already available in the desktop version. Moreover, you can also find this feature in Google inbox service for Android as well as iOS.

Most of us are writing emails in hurry. While this will wrap some serious mistakes in our email. So, Gmail Undo send feature are useful at such places. Let take a look at how you can use Undo send feature in Gmail.

Gmail Android App Brings Undo Send Email Feature

When you send an email via Gmail Android App, at the bottom of your phone screen you will see an option to cancel the email. Clicking on this option will bring back the email to your draft. Moreover, if you won’t click the email, it will be sent. Now, here comes this new undo feature. After the email goes off, you get an Undo option again the bottom of your phone screen. Clicking on this option pull out the email again to your draft.

Android police first expose this feature. They also explain sending an email from Gmail to Gmail will quickly pull back the mail. However, if an email sends to another service from Gmail it takes a short delay.

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