Skype End to End Conversation Encryption is Live Now
Skype End to End Conversation Encryption is Live Now

Skype End to End Conversation Encryption is live now for all the users. Thank god now our chats on Skype are secure just like its rival application such as WhatsApp, Telegram etc.

Those of you who don’t know Skype tests the Conversation encryption back from January. However, Back then a handful of users are just enjoying this healthy feature. But now, this feature is live for everyone on the web.

Similiar to Facebook Messenger Secret Conversation, this feature works when both parties agree to chat on a secure line. Once both parties accept their invitation they will switch over to a secret panel where their conversations are secure.

Most of the popular Voice and Chat communication apps are already providing this feature. As we have already mentioned some of them. Now, In this list, Skype has also nominated itself.

If you want to start a chat on a secure connection over skype do the following steps given below.

Before starting a chat simply enable the option “New Private Conversation“. Then your request to start the conversation over a private panel sends to your front party. Finally, if the party accepts your invitation, both of your conversations start on a skype secure panel.

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