How to Disable Conversation View in Gmail Mobile App
How to Disable Conversation View in Gmail Mobile App?

This article explains How to disable conversation view in Gmail mobile app? Conversation view packs several emails inside a single mail. Now you can also disable the conversion view in Gmail’s mobile app. A lot of Gmail users want to see each and every mail in Gmail as a separate mail. They did not want any important thing dubbing inside a conversation pack and difficult to find it on time.

Let us tell you that when someone emails us to Gmail and we reply via the same mail then, by default Gmail wrap all those conversations inside a single mail. A lot of users like this feature because this feature makes Gmail less bulky. However, in a different chapter, several users not because they want to navigate inside Gmail as quickly as possible.

Taking these things into consideration the Gmail team assembles an option to turn off the Conversation View in Gmail. Although this feature was already present in the Gmail web, now this feature has also come in Gmail’s mobile app.

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How to Disable Conversation View in Gmail Mobile App? (Step)

To turn off Gmail’s conversion view in Mobile, you can Turn off the Conversation View by going to the Settings menu. If your conversion view is kept off in the Gmail web then you do not need to turn it off in the mobile app. Here it goes off itself.

If you talk about the release of this feature, Google has launched this feature for all the G Suite editions. The officials have said that it will be fully rolled out in 15 days. Tell us in the comment section below whether you like the Gmail Conversion View or not. If you like it then why and why not?

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