Flipkart Launches 2GUD Portal
Flipkart Launches 2GUD Portal

Popular Indian E-commerce company Flipkart Launches 2GUD Portal for Refurbished Item today. The Portal interface Looks similar to Flipkart when you open it in your phone. To open this portal you only have to visit the link https://www.2gud.com. The 2Gud desktop version is not in full condition right now. So, if you want to enjoy this website you have to visit it in your phone.

As we mention above, 2gud only deals with the refurbished item, but what it this refurbished item they are talking about? Refurbished items are those items that are returned or used. However, 2gud officials claim they restore all items to their full functionality.

2Gud officials explain all the items on their site are certified, graded and repacked in a brand new box. Moreover, we assure 3-12 months of warranty on these items.

Besides all of these, 2Gud officials classify Refurbished items on their site in four categories ranging from Superb to Okay. Superb items are those ones who have not a single scratch whereas Okay items are those that have some scratches.

Moreover, you buy an item and don’t like it for a reason, you can return it under 10 days.

Talking about the different categories of items present in 2gud, right now officials list only Mobiles, Laptops, Tablets, Smartwatches and other electronic accessories. However, they also mention soon they bring more than 400+ categories.

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