Instagram Next Project could be a Standalone Shopping App
Instagram Next Project could be a Standalone Shopping App

According to various web publishers Instagram next project could be a Standalone shopping app. If we listen to The Verge, Instagram Officials could name this platform as IG Shopping. However, if you ask to paste our opinion it is merely an assumption for now because Instagram officials have not revealed any authenticity about this news. Maybe this platform not even rolls out in future.

Right now it is not clear about the platform’s name but we deduce the concept of how this platform will work. We think the Platform open space for various merchants so that they collab with users having a business profile. Next, those merchants select a business profile according to their niche. Instagram business profiles will act as a middleman here. If you want to know from us if Instagram launches this standalone platform then it will become a great hub for small and mid-level marketers to showcase their products.

This platform could also give serious competition to e-commerce platforms that are already established. Some of them are Shopify, Amazon etc. However, talking about Facebook reputation we all see how it already messed up with data privacy. So, here users can question about payment and product privacy too. Let see whether Facebook rolls out this platform or not. However, the Facebook heart wants to boom in e-commerce market but till now it won’t be able to do so.

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