BitTorrent Introduces Browser Based Torrenting Via uTorrent Web
BitTorrent Introduces Browser Based Torrenting Via uTorrent Web | Image Credits:

Earlier this year BitTorrent Introduces Browser Based Torrenting via uTorrent Web. But that time and till now it was in beta phase. However, now it is out of beta phase and available in full release. A Whole new experience to enjoy torrenting right in your browser. Till now, we all enjoy Torrenting via the uTorrent Desktop client, now uTorrent Web a new service comes into the picture.

Let me first explain to you the basic difference between uTorrent Desktop and uTorrent Web. The basic difference is in uTorrent Web you can stream the torrent right in your browser while you download a torrent file. However, in the desktop version, you can’t do so.

In fact, BitTorrent founder Bran cohen himself clarify that Browser Based torrenting is going to be the next cool thing. While many cloud torrenting providers already give this feature via which you can stream your torrent right in your browser. Some of the examples are zbigz, etc. However, most of these services are useful when you are enrolled in a premium subscription. On the other side, uTorrent Web is a free one. Note that uTorrent web is only available for Windows OS, however, compatible with all browsers.

BitTorrent officials release this new variant of the torrent client to fulfill the need of streaming services on the web. Right now, a great number of users want to stream torrents right into there browser. But, till now they can’t find any reliable source to do so.

In the BitTorrent blog post, smcdonald also points out BitTorrent currently have the support of 100M users. These users vary from Desktop to Web to Mobile Platform.

If you still have any confusion about uTorrent Web client, you can watch the video below in which uTorrent Web Product designer Cory Keller himself explains about this new service.

Do let us know in comments below, how are you fulfilling your torrenting needs right now. Are you use any cloud-based service for Torrenting or BitTorrent, uTorrent or some other one. Help us know about some new service too.

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