Firefox Send Makes Sensitive File Sharing Easier
Firefox Send Makes Sensitive File Sharing Easier

Firefox Send makes sensitive file sharing easier with end to end encryption. A new initiative by Mozilla where one can send upto 1GB or 2.5GB of file easily to their mate. This service falls down in the category of Private file sharing. We say so because the file link will disappear after some interval of time or some count of downloads. Yes you can set a minimum expiration time of 5 minute with a maximum to 7 days. Moreover, you can also set the file to expire if someone download the file certain number times. For example, expire the file after 1 downloads, 3 downloads this way up to 100 downloads.

Beside that Firefox Send also gives you the option to protect the file with a Password. The only difference between an anonymous account or a sign up in Firefox send is, the sign up account let you share a link of file size upto 2.5GB. On the other side the anonymous account only let you share a file link whose size is upto 1GB.

The Interface is quite simple, a drag and drop one. You only have to drop your files which you want to share (till the file size upto 1GB or 2.5GB) once you open this link. Once you drop the file, you can set its expire period and can also protect it via a password. After that click on the blue upload button and you’ll get a link to share to your mate.

Firefox Send Screenshot

Right now this service is only available as a browser version but Mozilla is looking forward to launch an app for it too. So now with this service, we get one more option in our pocket if we want to share a file securely.

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