Twitter Launches a New Prototype App called twttr
Twitter Launches a New Prototype App called twttr

Twitter Launches a New Prototype App called twttr under Twitter Prototype Program. With a tweet, Twitter reveals yesterday that its new prototype app twttr is now available to some selected participants. Note that Twitter first introduce its new prototype app back in January this year at CES.

The company initiate this new prototype program to make conversation more easier to read, write and understand. This new prototype is not available in Google Play Store now and if you want to taste it then, first you have to fill out this survey form.

Note: To Participate in Twitter Prototype Program one must have to make an account in Twitter First.

The survey ask for your username or the account for which you want to use the prototype app. Beside that it asks you several other things like the device on which you uses twitter, your country, language and all that.

Once you complete the survey, Twitter team will send you info about your application status in a week. This application status in turn contains info. about whether Twitter team has accepted your application or not.

Once you receive the status of your application in your mailbox, confirm your participation and you are set to go.

Note that this new app is more focused on reading and conversation of Tweets. Therefore, in it you will find engagement, sharing and other such options hidden.

You can think about the interface of this app more or less like any other chatting application. It shows you the rounded profile picture and tweets of the original tweetarati as well the replies on the tweets.

So, if you wants to participate in Twitter Prototype program and wants to surf some new layout for Twitter, fill out the survey form I mention above.

And of course, don’t forget to let us know your experience with the same program in the comment section below.

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