Top 5 Spotify Tricks
Top 5 Spotify Tricks

In this article, I am going to reveal Top 5 Spotify tricks that every Indian Should know about. You know that Spotify has finally came into India last month. I know Spotify came at last in India as several music streaming services have already made its mark in India. Some of the popular Music streaming services in India are Gaana, Amazon Prime Music, Apple Music, Jio Saavn and more. But still, Spotify able to gather more than 1 Million unique Indian users on its platform within one week.

I mean there is something in this App which make it a choosable one among these. Well, if you ask my opinion why to choose this app. I will simply say you because of its streaming speed. You won’t get any buffering issues and all that.

Anyways, we made this article to reveal Top 5 Spotify Tricks which you should know if you are using the same app regularly.

Top 5 Spotify Tricks every Indian Should Know 2019

1. Sharing a Spotify Track in Instagram Stories

Spotify gives you the option to share a track on different social platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram Stories. When you share a track in Instagram Stories, the album cover will get shared in the story. Moreover, there is also an option present which gives user the facility to open that song in Spotify.

To share a Spotify song in Instagram Stories, all you have to do is go to a track. Then, click on the three dots right next to it. Click on the share option and violla you get the Instagram Stories option.

2. CrossFade and Gapless Playback Option

Spotify have these two options present in its core. Crossfade makes smooth transitioning between two tracks. In early days, musicians crossfade between two tracks by lowering the volume of first track and rising the volume of second one. In Spotify suppose you set the crossfade to 12sec then, it means that before 12 second of completing the track you are listening, Spotify automatically fading the next song in your playlist.

Spotify also gives you the option to set Gapless Playback between two songs. When you listening tracks, then, after completion of one track there is 4-5 second of gap to play the next tracks. You can set this gap time to 0 second in spotify via enabling Gapless Playback option.

Both of these two options are present in Spotify Settings section.

3. Inserting Emojis in Spotify Playlist Name

Most of the Spotify users have created a Playlist and also tag a name for it. But Did you try to insert an emoji in the Playlist name. Well, let me tell you that you can do so.

Well, those of you who don’t know how to create a Playlist in Spotify, Go to your library section and tap on create Playlist. Now, you can set a playlist name by inserting emojis too.

4. Private Listening in Spotify

Some of us not like to share our music taste with our Spotify followers. Well, for those Spotify has given an option called Private Listening. Enabling this option will make your Playlist and Spotify activity private. Therefore, your Spotify followers not able to track your Playlist and Spotify account activity.

5. Listening Spotify on Google Maps

You know you could enable Spotify as your Default media app in Google Maps. Once you enable the option, you can navigate to Spotify tracks over Google Maps. However, for this you have to give Google Maps for Spotify Integration permission. Let see how you can do it.

  • First Open Google Maps.
  • Then, Go to Settings>Navigation Settings
  • Now enable Show Media Playback Controls and choose Spotify as your default media app. Click on OK.
  • Now, Spotify asks you to give permission to Google Maps or not. Choose OK and you are set to go.

Now, when you navigate to a driving location in Google Maps, Spotify option will also came up.

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