Twitter New Camera feature
Twitter New Camera feature

Twitter New Camera feature is introduced this Wednesday and we believe this feature will make the Platform more photo friendly. In our opinion this new feature will also give some extent of competition to popular photo sharing platform Instagram. The info. about this new feature first came out when Twitter made a tweet on its official Twitter handle.

One can access this new camera feature in the app by swiping towards left on the Home feed section. But do note that not all users are able to currently access this feature because it is in roll out phase. But don’t worry you can access it in a few days.

Once you swipe to the left, the app will open your smartphone’s camera and prepare you for taking a live shot or video. Now, when you complete taking the shot or video you can add the location as well as some text over the footage. Note that with this new feature you can share photos, video as well as live broadcast.

Once you share the photo on the app it will show in the feed in enlarged form like you see photos in Instagram. One more things beside all of these with this new camera app you will not able to add photos from your phone’s gallery. Twitter revoke this feature to make the camera app more or less like live reporting a snap or video.

To understand better what I am saying you can play the video of the tweet made by Twitter.

You will find Twitter’s new camera feature in both of its iOS and Android application.

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