Mozilla Launches Firefox Lite Browser in India
Mozilla Launches Firefox Lite Browser in India

Mozilla Launches Firefox Lite Browser in India. The size of browser is not more than 4MB and is available to download via Google Play Store. Beside India there are four more countries where this browser is available to download via Google Play Store. These countries are China, Indonesia, The Philippines, and Thailand.

The browser have some very basic features whereas some interesting ones too. One of the most Interesting feature I find in the browser is the Turbo Mode. Turbo mode helps you to speed up your browsing speed by blocking 3rd party services like ads. If you are a pro-reader then the browser also gives you the option to block images and serve you only the text. This feature proves to be revolutionary when you are browsing the web on a slow Internet connection.

The other interesting feature I found in the Browser is the life feed. You can access the life feed which contains latest news and videos if you swipe up at the bottom of your browser screen.

To Block Images on Firefox lite, Tap on the three dots at the bottom of your Browser. Then, Tap on Block Images to turn it ON and OFF.

To Turn ON and OFF the Turbo mode all you have to do is tap on the three dots at the bottom of your screen. There you find Turbo mode ON and OFF option.

Firefox lite also gives you the facility of private browsing. In Private browsing, the browser will not save your passwords, history, cookies, and other site data in your device.

Firefox Lite Features and Options
Firefox Lite Features and Options

In the browser you can even add a page shortcuts to your Smartphone homepage. Moreover, you can also bookmark a page. Multiple tab opening feature is also present in the browser to support Multi-Tasking.

Taking Screenshots is now more common in our day to day web activity. Therefore, this browser has also add a separate screenshot button (scissor icon) to capture screenshot of your browser screen. Moreover, the screenshots are not just accessible via your phone’s gallery but also right inside your browser.

One of the last option which right now present in the browser is clear cache. With this option you are able to clear your browsing history and login sessions.

Some other fine features you will find in Firefox lite is given below:

  1. Multiple Downloading at once
  2. Night Mode (You can even increase or decrease your browser night mode brightness)
  3. Save your Downloads directly to SD-Card.
  4. Tracking Protection from any website.

Once you install the browser for the first time, you’ll see some predefined site icons on your homepage. These sites are Youtube, Facebook, Wikipedia, Flipkart, Indiatimes, Instagram, Hotstar, and Linkedin.

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