Google Lookout App can help People with Visual Impairment
Google Lookout App can help People with Visual Impairment

Google Lookout App can help People with Visual Impairment and it is now live on Google Play Store. The app was first revealed at Google Input Output conference last year and now it is a reality. The App works more or less like Google Lens and can identify objects and things around them.

Google says right now, the app is only supported in Pixel devices as well as limited to US users only. But don’t worry it will soon roll out globally. The main motive behind launching this app to help those people having low vision or blind. All you have to do is open the app and hang your phone around your neck or put it down in your Pocket. No more button touching or tapping, the app scans objects near your with your Pixel device camera and gives you the info with an audio which you can play and pause.

Google Lookout App
Google Lookout App | Image Credits: Google Blog

Developers of this app explain it will prove to be helpful when you’re at some new place like shopping mall, new apartment etc. In such places you are not familiar with the objects and things around you. Google even accept that the app giving the info. is not 100% correct but help you out till some extent.

Right now, the app is accessible on Pixel 1, Pixel 2, and Pixel 3 devices that at least running Android 8.0. Fulfilling this requirement those of you who wants to access the same app can do so via this link.

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