YouTube Music and YouTube Premium Arrives in India
YouTube Music and YouTube Premium Arrives in India

This Tuesday YouTube Music and YouTube Premium arrives in India. YouTube Music initially released back in November 12, 2015. From then on, its roll out takes place in several countries and now finally it arrives in India. Youtube music is actually a music streaming service where you find music albums, artists playlist, live performance, radios and more. Basically it’s a package to fulfill your hunger for music.

YouTube Music

YouTube Music is now available in India on different platform like web version, Android App and iOS app. Moreover, the service comes in two form, the first one is free whereas the second on is Premium.

The advantage of its Premium version over the free one is, it gives you ad free music experience plus you will able to listen the music in background and also able to download it. Listening music in background means if your smartphone screen gets off the music still plays in background. This is the point where Spotify beats YouTube Music because Spotify gives you this option in its free version too. However, you can’t compare YouTube music with Spotify with this single option, because YouTube music has a great collection of content.

Right now YouTube Music is giving 3 Months of free Trial after which they will charge Rs. 99 per month from you. Beside that there is a Family membership plan where upto 6 family members (age 13+) can use YouTube Music and YouTube Premium under Rs. 149 per month. 3 Months of free Trial is also available for Family Membership Plan.

Other Popular Music Streaming Services in India

Popular Music Streaming Services in India

In India, now there are a lot of music streaming services and now YouTube has to compete with them too. Some of the Popular Music streaming services in India are as follows:

  1. Spotify (Rs. 119 per month)
  2. Gaana (Rs. 99 per month)
  3. Jio Saavn (Rs. 99 per month)
  4. Amazon Prime Music (Rs. 999 per year that costs Rs. 83.25 per month)
  5. Apple Music (Rs. 120 per month)

Note that users who already subscribed for Google Play Music will get access to YouTube Music at no extra cost. Moreover, according to a blog post by YouTube, Samsung Galaxy S10 users who aren’t subscribed to YouTube Music and YouTube Premium will get 4 months of free trial.

4 Months of Free YouTube Premium Subscription for Galaxy S10 users | Image Credits: YouTube Blog

YouTube Premium

Now, heading over to YouTube Premium here users get ad-free video surfing experience plus will get access to YouTube originals. Moreover, they will also able to download the videos as well as Play them in Background. YouTube Premium comes at a monthly subscription price of Rs. 129.

Note that if a user subscribe for Rs. 129 then, he/she can access to both YouTube Premium as well as YouTube Music Premium for a month.

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