YouTube Bans Harmful Pranks Videos
YouTube Bans Harmful Pranks Videos

YouTube Bans Harmful Pranks Videos over the portal. This happens because users utilize it as a great path to showcase such videos and motivates other users. On the other hand this lead to question the reputability of the site. Note that YouTube is an open where you find all kind of videos like educational, Health, Sports, News and many more. Beside that on this portal all category of users are present so, it is necessary to make the portal safe enough for all kind of genres.

Recently, we all see how users make the Birdbox challenge, Kiki Challenge, Momo Challenge and who knows how many, popular. These viral challenges not only put their life to risk but also to the public where they are performing such action. Take the Birdbox challenge for example, Put a Blindfold on eye and drive on a public place. I mean seriously, do what you need to do but don’t put another person life in risk.

Therefore, YouTube community decide to ban all such videos which the creators upload promoting such harmful pranks.

This new policy has already been implemented. So, next time if you upload such video to the YouTube, Don’t cry that your video get deleted automatically. Even that if you violate the YouTube policy for first time, they ban your account for 90 days. Moreover, if you again violate their policy, may be your account freeze for lifetime.

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