Twitter Brings Reverse Chronological Order for Android
Twitter Brings Reverse Chronological Order for Android

Twitter brings reverse chronological order for Android users too. One month ago Twitter rolls out this feature for iOS users. Moreover, Back in September 2018, this feature made available to desktop users. Those of you who don’t know what reverse Chronological sorting is, well in this option sorting has been done from newest to oldest.

Basically, Twitter has this sorting method from early. But back in 2016, Twitter enable the algorithmic sorting to increase the user engagements. Later most user even complain about algorithmic sorting. The reason is the most recent tweets they want to find lost in Twitter deep space instantly.

Algorithmic sorting not only make finding the relevant tweets difficult but also makes the Twitter timeline fluffy. So, from today now on you’ll find reverse chronological sorting everywhere on Twitter.

Twitter popping out users to choose to See Latest Tweets Instead. However, if you haven’t get the option yet you can choose it from the sparkle icon present at the top right corner of your Twitter Home feed.

Twitter also share this info via their official twitter handle like this.

Hey don’t forget to let us know your opinion about reverse chronological sorting.

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