Windows 10 Task Manager Now shows Apps power usage
Windows 10 Task Manager Now shows Apps power usage

Windows 10 Task Manager Now shows Apps power usage that are currently running in your OS. Microsoft team integrates this new feature with the roll out of Windows 10 October 2018 update i.e. of version 1809. This new update brings two new columns in Windows 10 task manager. Both of these columns are present in the processes tab of task Manager.

The first one is Power Usage and the second one is Power Usage Trend. Defining technically, the Power Usage tab shows you How the CPU, GPU and Disk impact on Power Consumption. Moreover, the Power Usage Trend columns shows the exact data over time.

Note that this feature is very useful as it helps you to detect which app sucks your notebook battery the most. Previously, when this feature was not present advance users take the help from additional apps to know about this data. Now, Microsoft natively adds it in Windows 10 Task Manager.

How to access Windows 10 Task Manager?

  • Right Click on your Task Bar and then click on the task manager option.
  • Once you click on the Task Manger, it opens and then at the right most column of Processes tab you find these two columns.

Note that you can also hide or add some more columns in the task manager but right clicking on any of the columns. There you the list of all options that are enabled and whereas some are not. I show it in the feature image.

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