Microsoft To Do App Gets Cortona Integration
Microsoft To Do App Gets Cortona Integration

Microsoft To Do App gets Cortana Integration in its latest update. To Do App helps you to prepare the list of tasks which you want to perform on day by day basis. To Do app already integrates with Office 365 which makes it every more powerful tool.

Now with Cortana Integration in it, making a to do list is now even more easier. It doesn’t matter whether you are using your Phone or PC, Cortana is now there to use your voice to create that list.

Microsoft To Do is also available on the web but don’t worry all your list synchronizes to your device too. For that all you have to set up Microsoft To Do with your Outlook or Microsoft 365 account.

Note that Microsoft To Do and Cortana integration is right now present in Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 18267 and its later version.

How to Set Up Microsoft To Do and Outlook Together?

Microsoft To Do and Cortona Integration
Microsoft To Do and Cortana Integration | Credits: Microsoft

First left click in the Cortana Search Box.

Then, Click on the Notebook Icon. After that Go to Manage Skills Tab.

Once, you go to Manage Skills, there you find Connected services option. Clicking on it reveals the list of all services which you can connect to Cortana. If you have not connected any services till now, you see the Off label right next to it. To enable a service to integrate with Cortana, you have to turn it ON and then authenticate with your Microsoft account credentials.

What you can do with Microsoft To Do App with Cortana Integrated with it?

  • You can items to a list you create. Just ask Cortana to add xyz to your list abc.
  • You can also set for reminders like, Remind me to call Toni in 2 minutes.
  • Ask Cortana What is in your To Do list today. You can also do it by asking Cortana with the specific name of a list.
  • Cortana can also recall your Microsoft To Do App reminders. You can read more about Microsoft To Do and Cortana Integrated tasks from here.

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