Microsoft Introduces Office App for Windows 10 Fast Ring
Microsoft Introduces Office App for Windows 10 Fast Ring

Today, Microsoft Introduces Office App for Windows 10 Insiders Fast Ring. The app is built primarily to speed up your work in Microsoft Office. Its been a year when Mircosoft updates where the primary concern is to speed up the work flow. Result is 40% of Office 365 users navigate to this site to start their work.

Looking at this data, Microsoft releases a PWA version of this site basically. Microsoft officials calls this new PWA “Office“. What makes this app more cooler is, it is totally free. You can think of this app as a management app to all the Microsoft office packages. It works with Office 365, 2019, and even 2016. Of course it works with Office Online too, as it evolves from it.

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Following are the major features Office App Provides to you.

  • This App stores all your Office app at one place. Therefore, Reduces the Switching time between apps.
  • List out also all your recent documents. It doesn’t matter which office package you are working on.
  • Microsoft Search is also integrated within it, therefore, finding documents, people, and sites are rocket fast.
  • The app also bring Organization branding all you need to sign into it appropriately.

Currently, If you look for this app in your Windows 10 version, you see this app is present by the name My Office. However, Microsoft has changes it name, now it is simply Office. If you see the app by the name My Office, then it means you are still using the old version. To get the new version i.e. Office App, right now you have to wait for an automatic update. However, you can also choose to update it right now manually by going to Microsoft store.

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