Windows 10 Soon Roll Out Kaomoji
Windows 10 Soon Roll Out Kaomoji

Windows 10 soon roll out Kaomoji. Well if you are thinking that Emojis, Animojis, Symbols are the only way to show reaction if not mentioning words, then you are wrong. Kaomojis are there on the internet for quite a long time. You definitely see these characters once in your web time.

(⋆^-^⋆)\(^0^)ノ (◕ ﺮ ◕✿)

Now, these Characters are soon going to find its place in Windows 10. Microsoft already test it in the Windows 10 build version 18305. One can find Kaomoji at the same place where emojis are present in Windows 10. You can access emoji pad in Windows 10 by pressing the Win and dot button together.

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Note that In the build version 18305, Microsoft not only adds the kaomoji pad but you also find a symbol pad there. Beside that Microsoft officials also renovates the start menu layout. All the pre-installed apps lists in one column. We expect this update will release in Mid 2019.

Talking about Kaomoji a bit further, it is also a form of emotion but its origin is Japan. Kaomoji also literally means Face Characters.

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