10 Important Things About Windows Lite OS
10 Important Things About Windows Lite OS

In this article, we gonna reveal 10 Important Things About Windows Lite OS. What we know so far about this Operating System is, Microsoft releases it to target Chromebooks. This operating system could revolutionize how we use Windows. However, we can’t say it a windows OS because here we can install only Progressive Web apps and Universal Windows Platform apps. So, Let’s head it to the 10 Important things about Windows Lite OS.

List of 10 Important Things About Windows Lite OS

  1. You can’t run Windows Lite OS in the enterprise or small business environments.
  2. One can even not be able to buy Windows Lite OS separately because it’s activation will only be available as OEM.
  3. As the name indicates, Windows Lite is the lightweight version of Windows OS that could only run native apps like progressive one and UWP apps.
  4. If Microsoft launches this operating system, this will be a successor to Windows 10 S.
  5. Windows Lite OS functionality is based on Windows Core OS also known as WCOS.
  6. Tero Alhonen First Reveal about Windows Lite via his Twitter handle when he strip down Windows 10 SDK 18282.
  7. Experts believe Windows Lite could give direct competition to Chrome OS.
  8. Microsoft could showcase this software in a new hardware, rumors are it may be available in Centaurus (Microsft Foldable Dual Screen Surface Tablet Kinda Thing).
  9. Right now, we can’t say when Microsoft release Windows Lite Patches, however, 2019 is a rightful year.
  10. Microsoft doesn’t see the future of Windows, that why the company is working on an OS for PWAs.

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