Twitter Bring Back Chronological Timeline Feature
Twitter Bring Back Chronological Timeline Feature

Twitter Bring back Chronological timeline feature after a while. Those of you who don’t know, Initially the feed section of the Twitter timeline works in a Chronological way. It means Twitter sort out posts by their order of Addition. However, for a while, Twitter officials hand over the Twitter feed and sort out the posts depending on the AI-based approach.

But, Twitter now announces that they will again switch back their engine in a Chronological way. In a recent tweet by the Twitter official, they reveal this fact and figure. See for yourself what they say.

Twitter on the other hand in their blog post, simply explain about this new timeline feature like this way. Suppose you are following thousands of account. Now, once you open up Twitter and navigate to the public feed section, a lot of mess you find up there. You really confuse which post is most important for you (because the task is handled by AI till now). So, sometimes you miss out on some of the most important tweets that you really care about. Therefore, Twitter officials again bring the old Chronological sorting of Timeline posts.

Still, confused about how this feature works, then you can test it simply by yourself. Just open up the Setting section of your Twitter Account. Then, Simply tap on the option “Show me the best tweets first“. Now, refresh your Twitter’s live public feed and you will see the magic.

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