Twitter Testing Some New Features like Presence and Reply Threading
Twitter Testing Some New Features like Presence and Reply Threading

Twitter Testing some new features like Presence and Reply Threading. Jack Dorsey gives this info on his official Twitter handle. These new features include Presence and Reply Threading. So, what are these new features and how it will work in our opinion, we post out below?

With the help of Presence Feature, a user will be able to see which of his/her followers are online. However, on the other side Reply threading makes all the replies to bring inside a thread.

We know that Twitter can bring these two features. Although we can not say that these two features will work exactly as we have told you here.

If you have noticed, the Presence feature is already available on Facebook. Whenever any of your friends updates a post or comment on Facebook, and if they are online, then you can see a green dot on his/her profile icon. This is what we call the Presence feature. This feature basically shows that who are currently present on the platform.

Moreover, If we talk about reply threading, then in our opinion, you can understand it better through the tweet made by Sarah Haider.

Look at the screenshots given in her tweet carefully. The first screenshot is showing that when a person replies to your tweets, then those replies show in a separate box. However, The second screenshot indicates the reply threading feature. In the 2nd screenshot, you see the reply and tweet are present inside a single thread.

Besides all of these officials doesn’t reveal when they will bring these features on Twitter. Are you excited for these features, do let us know below.

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