Google will not Launch its own made SmartWatch this Year
Google will not Launch its own made SmartWatch this Year

Google will not launch its own made SmartWatch this year. Seems like a bad news for those who are eagerly waiting to try Wear OS made itself by Google. This info was first revealed when the Google Wear OS Director of Engineering presents a report to Tom’s Guide.

A few months ago a lot of web publishers says Google would launch its own made smart watch this year. Moreover, they also say Google Wear OS will come under the upcoming Pixel Series. Although these rumors are now postponed after a company official confirms that they will not launch Wear OS this year. The company says this year instead of focusing on hardware we focus on software.

Officials from Google says Smartwatch taste varies from person to person. For example, one person buys a smartwatch to monitor its fitness where some other people use it for management activities. Therefore, focusing not on hardware officials says they will focus more on Google assistant which can perform better in every aspect.

As we all know, Google assistant plays a key role in Wear OS right now. Therefore, the company decides to make its AI more interactive and better.

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