Google Plans to Launch a Smart Speaker that also has an Inbuilt Display
Google Plans to Launch a Smart Speaker that also has an Inbuilt Display | In Image: Amazon Eco White

Google Plans to Launch a smart speaker that also has an inbuilt display. How amazing it is, we get the AI Facility smart speakers with the visual appearance too. Moreover, it has a Google mark which makes it more popular. When this smart speaker will available in the market, it will give direct competition to Amazon Eco and several other companies who are in the same niche. Right now, the competition between Amazon Eco and Google Home is more or less on the same level. One company has a great Digital Assistant whereas another one has the great product quality and features.

Above we tell you the upcoming google smart speakers facilitates all its features via AI. We lead to this conclusion because as of now we see Google has rolled out AI driven facility in all its popular platforms. Even Google Home also has a digital assistant. Moreover, Because Google Home already connects via AI, then in our opinion Google teams don’t want to lead the Smart Speakers lag behind in this race.

Google Plans to Launch a Smart Speaker that also has an Inbuilt Display: Info

Some sources says that In this smart speakers users can perform day to day popular tasks. These tasks include surfing YouTube Videos, Google Calenders, Google Maps and Several other Google Services. Currently, all of these features are assumptions because Google officials have not post any clarification on this.

According to some sources, Google may launch this Smart Speaker by the end of the year 2018. So, for now, we just have to wait.

Do let us know your opinion in the comment section below, How Smart Speakers will evolve in Future? Do you think that In future, a Smart Speaker will available at more or less every office table? Even it can also present in the Bathrooms.

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